Writer Interview

Recently I’ve been wanting to write blog posts that are more personal (about my life and studies). Luckily I just found this little interview on tumblr and it seemed like a good place to start!

1. Name?

2. Five words that describe your writing?
Clear, precise, limited dialogue, romantic

3. Literature / art / films you’d recommend?
Books: The Sparrow, The Lathe of Heaven and The Chrysalids
TV: Right now I’m quite into Death in Paradise (ha!)
Films: I just recently saw Nocturnal Animals and just wow…

4. Images, symbols, and settings you associate with your work?
Water, a tight sensation in your lungs, salt, the desert, a dam, rocks piled up high, a cave, endless nothing.

5. Themes / concepts you are hesitant to write about?
I will try my hand at pretty much anything, but I find writing about everyday situations kind of tough? I know it’s weird, but conventional romance (when it’s not the odd poem) is really hard to capture!

6. What would you tell someone who’s nervous about starting out?
Just write! I know everybody says this but it’s really the key thing. I don’t write as much as I should, and it does affect me. I’m currently doing a Masters which forces me to write and submit a short story every week. Sometimes it comes really easy and other times I drag it out of myself and I think it’s terrible – but then it turns out that the stuff I really struggle with is the good stuff! As long as you’re writing it should be okay, since you only have to show the stuff you’re really proud of (you could set yourself a low word limit each day to begin with!)

7. What pushes you to keep writing?
It’s just what I love doing! I would love to let people read the thoughts that jumble around my head, and would love even more to make a living from it. I studied Geology and Mining for six years, so it’s nice to finally take the time to explore something I’ve always wanted to do.

People are tagging others on Tumblr so I’m going to see if linking to some wordpress blogs that I read will alert them to this challenge :p


    • It’s the only way to describe it! I only watched it yesterday but I already know it’s going to be one of my favourite films of 2017! As for other recommendations- you’ve put me on the spot! I feel like I’ve even forgotten that other films exist…
      My favourite film has to be District 9(!!!) – but I also loved Filth, Source Code (another great Gyllenhaal film) and Mad Max: Fury Road (just as a few examples).
      (I also love plenty of animated films too!)

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  1. Consider me alerted, and the challenge accepted! Better fire up my fingers for this! 😃 Actually, while I was reading this, I kept thinking “oh, I so wanna do this, too! These questions are great!”, and then, lo and behold, now I can do it/have a “legitimate” reason! 😊

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